freddie fiction



Enter the Freddie Fiction Experience. Exploring the curiosities of the human experience, Freddie Fiction uses his music to deliver his message. He can be found recording in studios in London, Karachi and Los Angeles but his location has no permanent fixity. By operating under an alias, he beckons his listeners to focus on something a lot more substantial than his identity in the form of his music.  His music is laced with socio-political messages, drawing from the injustices of the world around him and delivered through sharp, witty and thought-provoking lyrics. His sound is pop fused with some occasional elements of rock. Together with his lyrics and melody, he creates the Freddie Fiction Experience for his listeners, all without ever taking off his mask.


Freddie Fiction's masked appearance may cast a demure perception but his stage presence is anything but. Once behind the mic, Freddie is right in his element with his energy and charisma commanding the attention of everyone in the room. It almost makes you wonder if he's done this before, perhaps in another lifetime or by another name because Freddie Fiction and music seem like old friends.


His new single 'Just Let Me Breathe' focuses on the Black Lives Matter movement and draws attention to the very real problem of systemic racism. He wants his music to touch on real issues that impact real people in the world, no matter where they are from

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